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Let us Write your next Speech !

You’ve been asked to give a speech, and you don’t know where to start?  You’re not the first person who’s been in that situation, but there is an easy solution.  Let a pro write it for you. 
J.W. “Jim” Miller has nearly forty years experience in speaking to groups as dissimilar as civic clubs, athletic banquets, college classes and professional seminars.  As a trained journalist, the writing of the speech has always been the easy part. 
I will meet with you at no obligation to hear about your upcoming speech, learn about your target audience and together we will craft your message.  Whether you have to talk for 15 minutes or an hour, let me spend the time preparing your speech and all you have to do is look good presenting it.

My rates are simple, based on at least seven days to prepare: 

Seven days is a reasonable time for us to develop a theme, present a draft and make final edits.  But don’t worry if you’ve just been told your speech needs to be ready in a shorter time.  I am accustomed to deadlines and would charge only a 20% expediting fee to shift into high gear and guarantee to have your speech to you on time.  

You can do the math, depending upon the length of your speech, but compare my rate to the average rates for experienced speech writers, published in the most recent Writer's Digest:

Contact me at no obligation to discuss your project.  You can call at 504-343-0634 or send me a note by clicking on my e-mail address:

$150 per minute of speech
Per minutePer Speech
High: $350$10,000
Low: $100$ 2,700
Average:$205$ 5,480